"Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."(Mathew 25, 40)

White rosary

What is the Rosary?

The Rosary is a well known catholic prayer, expression of devotion and love towards the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a centuries-old prayer form coming from the practice of reciting psalms of the early Christian desert fathers who used small rocks as prayer counters. While meditating on four mysteries, each consisting of five decades, together with Our Lady, we contemplate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Holy rosary has developed throughout the centuries; consequently, today there are numerous types, which look like the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but with different text. These rosaries were revealed to saints, prayed in convents and adapted to various apostolates.

“Repetition has a deep signification. It is a part of everyone’s life, isn’t it? What is pulsation, but repeating? Always the same contractions which make the blood circulate through the body. What is breathing, but repetition? Always the same breathing in and out, but it makes us alive. Our entire life is arranged and carried on by change and repetition, isn’t it? The sun rises and sets over and over again, and there is a day and night…Whole life is realized in the rhythm of outer and inner completing; then, why what is good for everything else would not be good in our religious life? The rosary is the established form of religious life.” (R. Guardini: “Rosary of Our Lady”).


  • The Rosary is a meditation on essential mysteries of the Christian faith.
  • The Rosary is the prayer of the humble and prayer for humility.
  • “The Rosary is my favourite prayer!” (John Paul II)


Why “White Rosary”?

We have called this rosary white wishing to make it recognizable and having in mind the white colour as symbol of holiness and innocence. The full title of this devotion is “Holy Rosary of Innocent Infants”.

The Rosary is dedicated to the Innocent infants of Bethlehem executed by fearful and insensible king Herod, who, as we read in the Gospel, ordered slaughtering of all male baby children, in search of Jesus, of whom he knew, had been born. These infants are the first saints of our Church, the first martyrs who gave life in the place of Christ.

The White rosary is also dedicated to today’s innocent infants, i.e. to babies in their mothers’ wombs, who are unwanted, whose death by abortion is planned, and those who have already been murdered in such inhuman way. According to the Christian theology, every abortion is an infanticide, that cruelly takes life away from the God’s least one who has an immortal soul since his/her conception and is created in God’s image and likeness.



As followers of Christ, we are obliged to unconditional respect and defense of life of innocents, the least ones, our neighbors in womb. We are invited by the Lord Himself and through the Church, to do everything with our attitudes, actions and prayers, conversations and testimonies, in order to make the holiness and dignity of the unborn undisputable. “I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.
CHOOSE LIFE, THEN“ (Deuteronomy 30, 19).


How was this devotion created?

On March, 31st 2008, feast of Annunciation, which is celebrated as international Day of the Unborn children, after the Mass in the Church of Croatian catholic mission in the centre of Klagenfurt (Austria), a Croatian couple, together with a priest from Homeland, was praying the Holy rosary in front of the merciful painting of Mother Mary with Child Jesus, when in that very moment, in an inspiration, the idea of this rosary was born. Within only few minutes, these persons who were praying knew how the rosary look would like, how it would be prayed… It is not less important to mention that the woman who was praying was pregnant then, she had an unborn child in her womb! The priest received a clear message in the Holy Scripture, when he read the God’s Word: “OPEN YOUR MOUTH IN BEHALF OF THE DUMB, AND FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE DESTITUTE” (Proverbs 31, 8). This biblical verse refers first of all to the Unborn, doesn’t’ it? In the horrifying statistics we read that nearly 80 million of unborn children are killed by abortion per year… That “treatment” is extremely painful for the infant. After it, the mother and even the wider family bear painful consequences on their souls, spirits and bodies. No Christian can remain calm in front of the horror of abortion. If we are not able to do anything else, we can PRAY!

White rosary is one in the multitude of heavenly aids, offered to us in this valley of sorrow, to win the evil and to save the lives of the little God’s angles.

On 16th April 2008, feast of Saint Bernadette Soubirus, the blessing was invoked on the White Rosary by Ivan Milovan, bishop of diocese Poreč-Pula, where our Apostolate for the Unborn was created. The very same day the Parliamentary Committee of the Council of Europe („PACE“) invited the countries of European Union to legalise abortion. Members of this committee were overcome by so evident expression of culture of death (102 votes for this resolution, 69 against it; the Croatian representative voted for) and required that “woman who comes for an abortion has to be given adequate financial means, medical and psychological help and above all, satisfactory conditions”.

Written approval of this devotion has arrived from: General Pryor of Paulist Order, father Izydor Matuszewski, on May, 19th 2008. Movement for prayer “Comforters of Merciful Jesus”, dedicated to propagating the White Rosary, was approved the same day.


What do the symbols of this Rosary represent?

  • WHITE BEADS – symbolize innocence of unborn children and their dignity; represent the fact that they cannot be touched, their holiness and the light which they bring into the world with their presence!
  • RED BEADS – represent the Blood of Lamb and the bloodshed of the martyrdom of the unborn that resemble to Him.
  • BLUE REABON – blue is the colour of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it remembers us of Her intercession from Heaven and Her motherly assistance.


MEDAL on the rosary:

  • HEART WITH AN UNBORN CHILD: sign of the pro-life apostolate initiated in Croatia in 1999 by Paulist fathers. Our Lord loves immensely the little ones.
  • CROWN OF THORNS: Jesus suffers in the unborn infants. Struggle for life is a thorny way.
  • PALMS: early Christian symbol of martyrdom, victory, award in the heavenly Kingdom for testifying for Christ.
  • TWO SACRET HEARTS: Precious Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary; these hearts beat for the least ones; we wish to be the „Third heart“ associated to them in this struggle. The two hearts as two Testaments of the Bible which testify for the life!
  • LILIES: signs of purity, innocence, tenderness, in iconography often presented with our Lady and Saint Joseph, Her most pure Spouse.
  • I+M+J: the first letters of names JESUS+MARY+JOSEPH. This prayer for salvation of the unborn children is dedicated to them; these holy names stand surety for our victory and our own holiness.


How to recite the “White rosary”?

There are two versions: dedicate the “ordinary” rosary, i. e. Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, any mystery of it, to intentions written below, or pray in the following way:

Make the Sign of the Cross. Kiss the medal. Say with love:


On the first red bead pray the “Our Father”

On each of the next three beads pray “Hail Mary”

On the last red bead and all other red beads, recite the “Offering prayer”:


On all white beads pray:


After the last “Offering prayer”, recite three “Glory be to the Father”

If you do not pray the Litanies, say the following:

Saint Michael Archangel, pray for us!
Angels Guardians of the unborn, pray for us!
Blessed Mother Theresa, pray for us!
Servant of God John Paul II, pray for us!
Five decades of the Holy rosary… as five wounds of Christ… as the fifth, central God’s commandment: THOU SHALL NOT KILL!



Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, two holy fire-places of love, SAVE THE UNBORN!

Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, safe ports of salvation,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, refuges of innocent hearts,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, comforts in our struggles,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, strength in our weaknesses,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, assistance in our needs,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, the strongest defences from the Evil,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, sources of peace and mercy,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, filled with forgiveness and conciliation,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which turn away condemnation and anger,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which grant tenderness and mercy,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, defences from jealousy and hatred,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, protections from sins and impurities of this world,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, glorious springs of life and joy,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, trustworthy strength in trials and temptations,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which defeat pride and arrogance,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which destroy evil wishes and inclinations,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, contraries of all evil intemperance,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, rocks of salvation for wives and unmarried mothers,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, refuges of strength for husbands and unmarried fathers,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, strong shields in the moments of despair,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, weapon of faith and love of triune God,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, immaculate and our most pure delight,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which give life in abundance,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which protect conceived God’s children,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which shall win the last victory,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, which love us with immense ardour,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, fervent in merciful love,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, crucified, humiliated and abandoned,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, glorified, enthroned and reigning,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, the most faithful friends of children and the least ones,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, radiant reflections of heavenly splendour,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, guardians of purity and humility,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, the most reliable help of the unborn,
Sacred Hearts of Jesus ad Mary, I LOVE YOU AND PRAY; SAVE THE UNBORN!



  • Heavenly father, merciful God, together with the Heart of Your Son Jesus Christ and the Heart of Mary, Mother of the unborn, my heart cries: save the unborn from death by abortion! Look at our three hearts connected with love towards the little ones and innocents who cannot defend themselves. Hear our prayer, Thee to whom everything is possible. I renounce of all evil and offer my heart in the service of life; I want to scarify my time and my abilities – all – to save innocent infants in their mothers’ wombs! O two Sacred Hearts, accept my heart and make it your assistant. May in everything be glorified God, who is Love and Life. Amen.
  • INNOCENT INFANTS – MARTYRS, in your suffering so similar to the Holy Lamb, Christ! Intercede for us before Him, obtain for us forgiveness and conciliation. To God everything is possible: may your death be pledge of the new life! To you it was not allowed to be born, now by your prayer obtain birth and salvation for infants in similar suffering, and for us the new birth and conversion. Forgive and bless! May JESUS – LIFE live in us, as you live in Him! Holy Innocents, obtain for us mercy, obtain for us peace and love. Amen.


Notes on prayers in this Rosary

  • “White Rosary” starts with invocation to the Holy Spirit, “soul of every payer”, called in the Creed “Lord and Creator” and with prayers to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and Sorrowful Heart of Mary. It is inspired by the mystery of the Holy Mass which heals all our wounds, and Mary’s heart, called “sorrowful” because of millions of abortions that cause great pain to Her motherly Heart.
  • “Offering prayer” is a brief yet profound prayer in which we offer to the Creator of the world and men the Wounds and Blood of His Son (the unborn that were murdered resemble to the God’s Lamb that was slain), who “did not come to condemn the world but to save the world” (John 12, 47), Tears of Our Lady, shed during the Passion and death of the Son and infinite love of Saint Joseph who was Mary’s spouse and foster-father of Jesus, and who was the first who saw the new born King. In this prayer we pray the Almighty God, our good Heavenly father, to show mercy on us sinners and on the unborn infants and to intervene with His power in the matter of their birth and salvation. May Christ’s Wounds heal the wound after abortion…
  • Invocation to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, easy to remember, known to members of pro-life movement all over the world; we pray the Holy Family of Nazareth to save the unborn with its protection.
  • Three “Holy be” are recited at the end of the Rosary in honour of Holy Trinity. In spite of all evil through centuries, He, triune God, wins and governs. “You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139, 13).


Intentions of this prayer

“White rosary” is a reply to the “white plague”, i. e. the mentality of the world in which the children are seen as a burden and the life is lived in a self-destructing egoism. So, we dedicate this prayer to following intentions:

  • to stop abortions in our  Homeland and in the world,
  • for pregnant mothers with risky pregnancies,
  • for infertile couples,
  • as spiritual help to persons with the wound of abortion,
  • for return into the ecclesiastic community of those who were excommunicated because of engagement in abortions,
  • for conversion of medical personnel, legislators, politicians and those who advocate, approve, encourage and do abortion – infanticide,
  • to reveal the truth about contraception and artificial insemination, spiral and all similar evil means which kill the least ones,
  • to comfort the parents who have lost their babies in miscarriages…


Nation that kills own children has no future…
Suffering of the innocent, unborn shall determine the destiny of the world…
Immense world prayer for the unborn infants is urgently needed!
(Servant of God Pope John Paul II)

 There will be no peace in the world, while the unborn are killed… They are the poorest among the poor… If you cannot save all of them, you can save at least one unborn child! Save him/her!
(Blesses Mother Theresa)



TO THOSE WHO HAVE SINNED AGAINST LIFE Pope John Paul II in his Encyclical Letter Evangelium vitae, among other, left the following message:

Do not let to be discouraged and do not give up hope. Possess skill of understanding, firstly of what has happened and explain it entirely in truth. If you still have not done it, open yourself humbly and confidently to the penitence. Father of ever mercy waits for you to give you His forgiveness and His peace in the sacrament of reconciliation…

 ON CONSEQUENCES OF ABORTION CLEARLY SPEAKS Pope Benedict XVI in his sermon to the participants of Conference on victims of abortion, in Rome, on 5th April 2008, when saying:

Drama of willfull abortion has deep and sometimes indelible consequences first of all for a woman who has committed it and also for her near ones; sometimes it produces destructive effects on family and society. How often are there selfish partnerships in the roots of the hard decision which many women had to face and still carry incurable wounds on their souls…


Thou who pray the “White rosary”, remember that, while reciting this prayer for the unborn infants and their salvation for this and the other world, you also pray for their parents! You pray for their conversion, and for healing of the wounds which many have after the abortion. To all who suffer because of act of abortion, we are called to show our Christian love, and by no means condemnation. “Be merciful to inherit mercy”, said Lord Jesus.

Mother Mary, take everyone wounded by abortion, to penitence and the new life! Saint Joseph, intercede for all fathers, both those unmarried and husbands, guilty for the death of their unborn infants, so that they may become aware of their sin and renounce it!


Pray and work!

We invite you to all types of activities that are, together with a personal payer, aimed to save the unborn from abortion: join a prayer community, pray with your neighbours, dedicate Holy masses to this intention… Give donations for pregnant mothers in trouble… With financial aid, food, clothes or advice, comfort and your presence stay close to mothers and fathers, families who live poorly… Gather your friends and on occasion of feasts do something good for children, born and unborn… Order our fliers and distribute them… Teach the others to pray the “White Rosary”… Organise some beneficiary action, lecture, testimony, play and similar in your parish, school, prayer community… Write, sing, and talk about life, animate your neighbours with enthusiasm about LIFE!

If you save one child, you have saved generations to follow after him/her!
Children are born not only for this world, but also for Heaven!
Look: God became an unborn Infant… to save us.

May Saint Michael Archangel who stood in defence of the Pregnant Woman and Her Child (Apocalypse 12), defend and protect everyone who prays this Rosary!